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My intent is to share with you the knowledge and insight that I have gained about both San Soo and life in general. I will achieve this through direct instruction, demonstrations, seminars, and the publications of the Dap Ga Association. I will teach only those principles and techniques that were taught to me by the late Grand Master Jimmy H Woo, who brought this art to the United States.

The Annual Subscription includes membership card, newsletters and discounts to seminars, shirts, patches, weapons. But the principal benefit, and the one about which I care the most, is training you to your potential to become the best fighter that you can be.

  • The Dapga Kungfu Association fee is $30.00 per year
  • Please Call 1-800-5-KUNG-FU
    (1-800-558-6438) to order
  • Your username/password will be emailed to you once our staff reviews your order

13509 Telegraph Rd. - Whittier, CA 90604 - 562-941-8799
"Quan Do Kung Fu" -- Lo Sifu Nicknamed Juan "Quan Do"
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