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Over his lifetime, Lo Sifu taught thousands of people the art of Kung Fu San Soo. Many of these people have excelled at the art and are teachers themselves, including Sifu Juan M. Meza.

In February 1991, Lo Sifu Chin Siu Dek (Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo) passed on. It was his desire for Sifu Juan M. Meza to teach Kung Fu San Soo.

Juan started his training with Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo in 1968. He received his black belt in October 1971 and his Master’s in January 1981.

Juan has taught for the Kung Fu Club at UCLA, for the Recreation and Parks at Beverly Hills High School, and for Lo Sifu Jimmy H. Woo in Studio City.

He has given special classes and seminars for the Marines at Camp Pendleton (1st Force Reconnaissance), for the Border Patrol (Instructors Headquarters) at Chula Vista, for various police departments, and for the instructors of these special elite forces. He also gives private lessons to top belts and instructors.

13509 Telegraph Rd. - Whittier, CA 90604 - 562-941-8799
"Quan Do Kung Fu" -- Lo Sifu Nicknamed Juan "Quan Do"
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